Quinta da Côrte

A treasure of the Douro

Located in the golden triangle which contains the world’s most prestigious Quintas, the Quinta da Côrte takes pride in its unique personality. By treating its great terroir with the respect it deserves, and by the use of traditional methods updated in the light of the latest advances, it produces wines with great depth of character. Their authentic style bears eloquent testimony to a combination of great native varieties and schist soils.

A gem of the Douro Valley

Highly hierarchical and very little mechanized, plots are classified according to their type of soil, altitude and grape varieties: a “mosaic” vineyard of extreme complexity, where none of them really looks like another. And if port, the famous “gentlemen’s” wine that made the reputation of Douro wines, enjoys an undeniable supremacy, non-mutated wines have developed over the past twenty years.

Made on quality vineyards and benefiting from the DOC Douro appellation, some of them have been the subject of a lot of work, winning an elegance that brings them today to compete with the most beautiful Mediterranean wines.

An expert team

Already owner of the Commanderie de Peyrassol, in Côtes de Provence, and Château Malescasse in Haut-Médoc, Philippe Austruy acquired at the beginning of 2013 the Quinta da Côrte, in the Douro Valley. It is one of the oldest properties in the region, and some of its plots are still unmechanizable: the work is done, as before, by pickaxe, on the back of a mule or on the back of a man.

The Quinta da Côrte has been the subject of a significant investment program aimed at achieving the excellence that its splendid terroir allows. To enhance it, Philippe Austruy, like his other wineries, called on consultant Stéphane Derenoncourt and his team.


Quinta da Côrte Wines

Douro – DOC – Red
Selected for their northerly and easterly exposure, these plots are particularly suited to producing dry wines. Protected from the heat of the afternoon sun, the grapes ripen slowly and harmoniously

Quinta da Côrte Ports

Quinta da Côrte Ports, exceptional ports
They express all the nature of the terroir of Quinta da Côrte. Delicate and elegant, this fine Port make their tasting a truly moment of grace.