A team effort

Know-how and a disciplined approach

Driven by the desire to take the Quinta da Côrte to the highest level, the team applies its know-how to even the smallest details, encouraging the vines to give of their best: sun-filled, full-bodied wines with a beautifully elegant minerality.

Philippe Austruy

Since acquiring the Commanderie de Peyrassol, a renowned Côtes de Provence cru, in 2001, Philippe Austruy has progressively put together a closely-knit group of properties. A lover of wine and art, a hedonist but also a perfectionist, he has adopted for each of these estates a policy of unstinting investment with the aim of restoring them to their former glory. 15 years on, the distinctive hallmark of Vignobles Austruy is evident in a range of wines which display impeccable style and a deep respect for their roots.

Marta Casanova

With a degree in agronomy, Marta has solid experience in domaine management. Having started out at the Quinta de Brunheda in the Upper Douro, she then moved on to the Quinta Beira Douro, owned by a group from Bordeaux, where she stayed for 4 years before moving into consultancy. In 2013 her pragmatism, talent and love of the great Port wines led her to take over the day-to-day supervision of the Quinta da Côrte as it moves toward a new future.

Derenoncourt Consultants

To ensure consistency between the different properties within the group, Stéphane Derenoncourt and his team have been entrusted with the task of adapting the vineyard and its working practices to meet new quality targets. Having achieved recognition throughout the world for providing consultancy services to around 100 domaines, in a manner which always shows the greatest respect for the soils and the grapes, they now have a particular mission to create great Quinta reds and they also oversee several Port wines.