Wine DOC Douro Côrte White 2019 & Olive oil QC 2019

In “Revista de Vinhos” of August 2020 in the “Boa Compra” heading, the DOC Douro Côrte 2019 white wine was evaluated with 17 points with the following tasting notes: “Rich and complex nose, citrus fruits, some tropical fruit, herbaceous, aniseed touch, fresh and appealing set. The mouth is dry, toasted flavor, good acidity to secondary the glass, end fruity and fresh, a wine of high feedback! ”

Corte Branco 2019

Olive oil Quinta da Côrte 2019

In the II edition of the Contest of Virgin Olive Oil from “Trás os Montes” and “Alto Douro”, the best references are in evidence and the results are encouraging. Olive oil has been compared to douro table wines on the way they have trodden in recent years.
In the Ripe Fruity category, the Olive Oil Quinta da Côrte 2019 was awarded the bronze medal !

Azeite Quinta da Corte 2019

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  1. heidy says:

    I would like to know where I can buy your olive oil. I tasted it yesterday at the wine festival in Funchal, Madeira. Please, let me know where I can purchase it and how much it cost. Thank you very much. Bom Dia.

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