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Discovering the Quinta da Côrte and the Douro Valley

Take a few hours to enjoy the charms of all that the Quinta da Côrte and the Douro valley have to offer, and to immerse yourself in the heart of this exceptional location which holds the promise of things eternal, a return to nature and the centuries-old values of the Douro. A life-enhancing opportunity to just let go and relax.

Cruise on the Douro (one or two hours)

By Companhia Turística do Douro

Option 1 – “Pinhão-Tua-Pinhão”

No rush, no stress, just follow the twists and turns of the Douro river, observing the flora and fauna at close quarters in total peace and quiet. After all, there are two hours of cruising to enjoy, all the time you need to explore the river and nature in comfort.

Sail along silently as the flow of the river takes you, with the verdant river banks on either side, and discover picture postcard scenes, little corners of paradise. Lose yourself … and rediscover yourself!

Option 2 – “Pinhão-Romaneira-Pinhão”

All aboard for a unique experience on the tranquil waters of the Douro. This little trip to the source of the river can only be done by boat, and you will encounter views that will take your breath away. Ancient terraces, vines and vineyards producing Port wines. Pinhão is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lose yourself … and rediscover yourself!

Picnic amongst the vines or by the river

Want to immerse yourself in a natural world that is both authentic and the product of human endeavour? Beneath the olive trees and orange trees of the Quinta da Côrte, beside a river that quietly sings to you … a picnic prepared with care, in a pretty hand-crafted basket, will let you sample fine produce accompanied with wines from the domaine, surrounded by nature.

Tours of the Douro Valley

We can organise tours lasting a morning, an afternoon or a whole day. You will visit the most notable sites: fantastic landscapes and places of cultural and religious interest.

We will tailor these trips according to your personal tastes and interests.

Walks in the vineyard

Various circuits are signposted around the domaine. Head for the kitchen garden and its spring, or the freshness of the river, or the terraces of old vines … country walks which cannot fail to charm and delight.

The wine workshop – a day for wine enthusiasts

What wine lover has never dreamed of creating his own wine? That is the experience that the Quinta da Côrte technical team can offer you. Step into the shoes of the oenologist and choose your own blend with wines from different plots.

Create a unique wine … your very own!

Working in the vineyard

Just for a day, you can become a wine grower and take part in all the activities involved in managing a vineyard: pruning, cutting the runners, picking the grapes, layering, harvesting the olives …

Enjoy the experience of being in harmony with the aromas, the sounds and the activities of the vineyard.

The swimming pool

Just walk a short distance from La Casa, between the rows of vines, to find the swimming pool which offers a stunning vista of the Douro Valley.

In the cool water, in the shade of an ancestral evergreen oak, you can finally let yourself go!

Towels and beach blankets provided.

Quinta da Côrte – Contact and location

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