An incredible range of varieties

Complexity and harmony

The Douro is a remarkable conservatory of native varieties which lend a powerful personality to the wines. Each contributes in its own way to the complexity of the blends.

There are around a hundred different varieties in the Douro. Some are of only minor importance, but some are real stars.
The Quinta da Côrte aims to preserve about 40 different varieties from those originally planted there. The most notable are the following:

Touriga Nacional: Intensely aromatic, it is particularly well suited to arid, rocky soils. Its small, thick-skinned berries give it a high tannin content. Rich and full-bodied.

Touriga Franca: Equally important for adding structure to the blends, and possessing a superb, subtle elegance.

Tinta Roriz: Better known in Spain as Tempranillo, it contributes empyreumatic notes and a sophisticated delicacy.

Tinta Barroca: Happiest in the deeper soils at the foot of the slopes, it never fails to seduce with its velvety texture and its charm.

Tinto Cao: An ancient variety which has proved its worth over the centuries on the hottest, driest plots.